The connection between the entertainment industry and tennis hadn’t been obvious until quite recently. Of course, for a while now, people were able to play tennis-themed video games. One such title is Virtua Tennis 4 that could be played on Xbox 360 Kinect. However, this seemed like a mere promotion of the sport, that didn’t have such a great influence on the players or the game.

However, things have changed in the past year. As more and more tennis tournaments were canceled due to the pandemic, a great number of players were left without a way to earn a living. The main problem is that fans of tennis are mostly familiar with the huge amounts that the best tennis players like Federer and Nadal earn for every tournament that they play. But most tennis enthusiasts don’t understand that there are those players that are not among the top 20 or even 50, whose earnings depend on every small tournament they join.

For this reason, many wagering companies decided that it was time to join forces and help these tennis players. There were also other ways in which the entertainment industry impacted the world of tennis, and in this article, we’ll take a closer look at all of them. 

How The Gambling Industry Helped Tennis Players

Lately, we can see that all of the major sports events are once again gathering players from around the world to compete against each other. Just a year and a half later things are finally getting back to normal, but it doesn’t mean that an entire year without any sports events hadn’t had its consequences. 

During the period when all sports events had been canceled, the bettors turned to find the best 5 dollar deposit casino or other similar gambling options that offered any kind of entertainment according to their taste. Many started betting on esports as well, while the real-life players struggled to stay afloat. This situation inspired great companies from the world of gambling and sports betting to join forces and help tennis players to get back on track. 

It’s reported that Topnotch Management and Genius Sports decided to support and organize a tennis tournament that consisted of 120 matches that featured top 300 ATP and WTA players. What is more, other sportsbook operators also loved the idea and decided to show their support. The tournament will most probably be held in Ohio, Florida, and California. And states that have already legalized sports betting like New Jersey, Colorado, and Pennsylvania will actively participate in this cause.

Gambling Scandals in The Tennis World

Unfortunately, a greater connection between the entertainment industry and the tennis world hasn’t just been a positive one. Most gambling and sports betting fans who enjoy high-quality online entertainment and who often visit to find the best gambling platforms, know how to play in a responsible manner without harming themselves or others around them. But some tennis players got involved with the betting and gambling industry in a shady way, wanting to earn some extra money. 

Recently, several tennis players have been discovered to be a part of an illegal scheme that has placed them in a rather difficult situation. Daniel Köllerer had been a lead member of several match-fixing events. Moreover, it was discovered that Nikolay Davydenko had fixed a match back in 2007 and that Nicolás Kicker did the same in 2015. Another name on this list is Gerard Joseph Platero Rodriguez who was engaged in gambling and courtsiding.

It’s hard to tell whether certain circumstances made these tennis players do what they did, but it doesn’t change the fact that is wrong. Regardless, it was discovered that players who aren’t ranked in the first 50 will more likely succumb to the temptation that fixed matches offer since they are underpaid. 

Tennis-Themed Slots

With the growing popularity of tennis events like Wimbledon and Roland Garros, we can see another trend surfacing in the entertainment world. In order to support the world of tennis, great gaming developers have started working on tennis-themed slots, and casino fans seem to be thrilled. So far, the three most popular slots with this theme are Centre Court, Tennis Champions, and Tennis Stars.