The infanta christina She always adopts silence as a media policy since she was a child and maintains it whatever is published, whatever it is. It has been broadcast on television, as a result of the appearances of her son Pablo Urdangarin with a young woman, who is not amused by her doing the kisses of her son Pablo Urdangarin are objects of desire for photographers.

It has been said that it is the vertex of a kind of love triangle with two girls without them knowing. Alexia Rivas, the reporter who became famous for appearing in that mythical video of Alfonso Merlosappearing in his underwear during a call televised, denounced that the grandson of the emeritus king was playing three-way in love. She did it after coming to light a few images of the young man walking with a blonde through Barcelona. According to her, the king’s nephew Philip VI she didn’t tell her friend that she was seeing other girls. “I should have told him,” Alexia sentenced.

Later they affirmed that the alleged flirtatious behavior for their mother was being a real nightmare. It was said that the infanta cannot bear to see her son being the ‘Froilán 2.0’ of scandals. “She has felt very bad because her son was not expected to lie and be part of a scandal or to have several parallel relationships,” Alexia Rivas snapped in it’s already noon.

The journalist, who must have a direct link with the daughter of Juan Carlos I, assures that the Infanta Cristina has let her son know her discomfort and disappointment with his attitude because, and he added that it was because these fool around of the boy remind him of his marital separation. “Alba Carrillo already said it ‘the branch goes to the kill’, Alexia said to support her information. Information? Did Alexia Rivas really know and have verified that the Infanta Cristina is angry with her son?

Denial of the infanta

The Infanta Cristina, as we already pointed out, does not deny anything. But she acts. And quiet cocas going to see her son play a game of handball. In addition, she has shown great affection for the young man in front of everyone and the cameras. angry? It seems that it was not true.

Pablo arrived at the Palau Blaugrana to play for Barça’s first handball team against Ángel Ximénez – PG after his sprain injury. And there was his mother. The young man would arrive in the vicinity of the Palau Blaugrana with a partner, they would get out of the car and walk to the door with the toiletry bag in hand as if they were two professional athletes.

Showing off his style, with jogger pants, a sweater and a vest, he was very nice, once again demonstrating his education by greeting the media present there by saying “hello, hello” and then smiling. The Infanta Cristina did so minutes later accompanied by Cristina Fernández, wife of the sailor Roberto Molina, a friend of the Infanta and Iñaki Urdangarin At first we saw the sister of the Infanta Elena’s sister a little disoriented upon her arrival at the Palau Blaugrana and at a certain moment she would stop dead thinking that she had taken the wrong door to enter the game.

Once inside, the Infanta Cristina went down to the first row of the stands to greet her son effusively: a giant hug from mother and son, and two kisses. The young man also greeted Cristina with a very emotional hug. A classmate of Pablo’s also came over to greet her, cordially shook her hand and minutes later the coach approached, who also gave her two kisses.

After this, the daughter of the emeritus and her companion went back up to their seats in the stands and chatted among themselves in a friendly way. for several minutes, mother and son shared moments together and several hugs that reflect the good relationship between them and the great support that the young man is for his mother.

After the victory of the Barça team in which her son Pablo plays, the Infanta Cristina left the Palau Blaugrana after seeing how the young man scored two goals that filled her with joy and pride. She came out first and, minutes later, he got into the same car that her mother had gotten into earlier. Where is the supposed anger of the Infanta Cristina with her son?