The improvement of Baskonia does not give for the CSKA


Bitci Baskonia lost (74-80) this Friday at home to CSKA Moscow, on matchday 11 of the Euroleague, despite showing some signs of improvement with their new coach Neven Spahija, such as fighting the Russians until the end.

The Basque side had too many comings and goings on the Buesa Arena floor, and CSKA, with a good performance from Will Clyburn, Voigtmann and former home team captain Shengelia, overcame the Basque defense and the already late offensive inspiration. Those from Vitoria, who had ended the losing streak on Tuesday against Red Star, are left with four wins while the Muscovites add the sixth, also needed to hook the ‘Top 8’.

The Basque team had to deal with a CSKA stung from the defeat against Barça, in fact with a Voigtmann just as plugged as against the Catalans. His 11 points plus another good contribution from Shved left a Russian panorama in the first quarter 8-23, but Baskonia knew how to react in the second at least in defense.

Those of Spahija took physical to level the balance but in attack they did not put one. With a 9 of 34 in field goals at halftime, plus a disconnection on the way to the dressing rooms, the Basques were left with a steep slope for the second half (26-35). With very little movement, only Enoch contributed good points and together with Nnoko, rebound.

At least CSKA was much less productive and outmatched on the inside, but Baskonia also needed to score. The reaction showed that there are new forces with the arrival of Spahija. Clyburn returned to give much to the Russians along with Shengelia, while Granger gave some respite to the battered local attack.

The arreón gave the Basques to get 35-38, but without completing a comeback, CSKA left (44-59). The new Baskonia again showed at least that he does not throw in the towel, he improved his percentages with Baldwin, showing signs of the player who shone with Bayern, and a Granger based on triples (65-72). In the final three minutes the triumph danced back and forth to travel to Moscow.


–RESULT: BITCI BASKONIA, 74 – CSKA MOSCOW, 80. (26-35, at halftime).


BITCI BASKONIA: Granger (12), Baldwin IV (18), Sedekerskis (3), Giedraitis (11) and Enoch (14) -initial quintet-; Peters (1), Marinkovic (3), Fontecchio (9), Nnoko (3).

CSKA MOSCÚ: Lundberg (11), Shved (6), Kurbanov (2), Shengelia (15) y Voigtmann (16) –quinteto inicial–; Bolomboy (2), Ukhov (2), Hackett (-), Antonov (-), Clyburn (16), Milutinov (3), Grigonis (7).

–PARTIALS: 8-23, 18-12, 15-19, 33-28.

–REFEREES: Belosevic, Radovic, Silva. Sin deleted.

– PAVILION: Buesa Arena, 8,104 spectators.