No business or venue wants to be news and be associated with any crime. In the case of discos or nightclubs, the fact that sexual assaults take place inside them and that the word spreads can be their downfall. However, it all depends on the attitude of the local and his reaction to this type of event. The Sutton nightclub in Barcelona has had an impeccable performance from minute one in which a young woman filed a complaint against the footballer Dani Alveswhom he has accused of rape, and in part thanks to the evidence provided by the venue, is in pretrial detention.

The alleged rape of a young woman in a Barcelona nightclub by the Brazilian player has put all the spotlights on this place and rooms of this type in general. According to the victim’s account, after touching her, the soccer player took the young woman to the bathroom in the VIP area where he slapped her and raped her with vaginal penetration against her will.

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On the same night of December 30, 2022, the victim, while suffering from an anxiety attack, spoke with the nightclub’s security personnel. Upon hearing her story, those responsible for the room activated the “protocol against sexual violence” and called the Mossos d’Esquadra.

As he explains Robert Massanetdirector of the venue located on the street in Tuset, now the topic “is no longer a disco issue”, but “a topic that is reserved in the strictest privacy between two individuals. We have nothing to say about it” , has declared The world.

According to the Catalan Federation of Nightlife Venues of Catalonia (Fecalon), the venue’s performance has been exemplary, since the access controllers did a great job because they accompanied the young victim at all times. Its general secretary, Fernando Martinez Iglesiasemphasizes that this will be the case from now on.

As he explained, Fecalon has asked all the rooms to increase control and monitoring of these cases. In addition, starting next week, courses will be implemented with the Mossos d’Esquadra to deal with cases of sexual abuse or assault in nightlife venues in Barcelona. “It will be a measure that will be applied progressively and will be extended to all clubs,” he assured.

The association has already implemented a protocol for months that takes care to monitor who accompanies the girls when leaving the premises, especially when it comes to sessions with minors and the young people show clues that they are affected by alcohol.

Unfortunately, these measures are recently implemented and could have prevented very serious attacks, such as the one that occurred on Halloween night 2021 in Igualada, where a minor almost died after being brutally sexually assaulted and left naked, and many other cases. Although it has been difficult, this greater involvement on the part of the locals does seem to indicate that social and business awareness has come a long way, especially when it comes to acting and ensuring that women can enjoy the night without being in so much danger.