Many point to the departure of Beppe Marotta from Juventus as the reason for the Turin club. in October 2018 the one who was CEO bianconero announced his departure case by surprise. He left behind eight years where he returned the Italian team to the top, rebuilding a team that was dragging the effects of the Moggigate. Now, without him, Juventus is going through its worst moment in the last decade, with the danger of being left out of the Champions League, which would mean losing a minimum of 80 million, after announcing losses of 113 million in the last year due to the pandemic.

Marotta has had them with Juventus in the market. He won the competition for Lukaku, whom his former team wanted to accompany Cristiano, but it could not be and now it is a stronghold of Inter de Conte. The leader knows to the millimeter what happens in the bowels of Juve and foreseen a situation that can now stop Juventus' plans or make him enter 15 million without any effort. Upon arriving at Inter, Marotta came across the Icardi case. Finally, Inter, despite the interest of Juventus, ended up transferring him out of Italy. Icardi ended up at PSG in exchange for 50 million, after the assignment with a satisfied purchase option, but Marotta predicted the future and kept his back. In the transfer he included a clause by which Inter would receive an extra 15 million if in the future PSG decided to sell the Argentine striker to an Italian team, with Juventus at the helm. Icardi had been the captain of Inter and Marotta, in no way, wanted to make things easier for his old club.

Now Icardi is the target of a very financially demanding Juventus. He is considering not paying the Morata purchase option. Agüero is one of his objectives and he is also considering incorporating Icardi. The latter, as he explains La Repubblica, has been to offer Dybala in an Argentine exchange for Icardi. But the anti-Juve clause is a major obstacle to the battered Turinese coffers. The Argentine striker is on the starting ramp of PSG, where this season he has barely been able to play due to injuries, after his first good year. Returning to Italy, according to what they point out in France, seduces him, but now he faces a great obstacle. Marotta has played it to Juventus. Marotta has already secured 47 million of capital gains in the accounts when PSG made the purchase option effective and now it is going to prevent the great rival from leaving, or it is going to achieve even greater profitability. In this way, Icardi could be pushed to seek a destination in England or Spain, as alternatives that would best suit him.

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