Uncertainty is the word that defines Hercules right now. While Juan Carlos Ramírez and Enrique Ortiz try to put together the next sports project, the current squad has no news from the club. Nobody talks about the future and the concern is even greater because there are 70 employees who have not yet received the ERTE (Temporary Employment Regulation File).

The last income received by those affected by the ERTE was the average monthly payment for March. Ortiz and Ramírez paid half a month, the corresponding days until the club accepted the File. The players, coaches and employees expected to receive from the State much earlier, but they have been without a euro for two and a half months.

Hercules Shield / Flag

Carlos Parodi, CEO, has been interested several times in the process of this legal measure that the entity accepted on March 25. However, Parodi has not received any concrete response. In addition, the ERTE of the Hercules will be extended until June 30 automatically, coinciding with the termination of the contract of many players.


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