The heartbreaking story of Almudena Cid, “devastated and broken”, about Gálvez: “Terrible options crossed my mind”

Almudena Cid He has opened up when it comes to talking about the end of his marriage with Christian Galvez. More than a year after the separation, the former gymnast has offered some shocking statements about that love that she had so through the roof. As she has recognized, she felt disappointed by the former presenter of Pass wordwho quickly directed his sentimental situation with Patricia Pardo.

Cid, for his part, recovered the illusion some time later with the former footballer Gerardo Barodiaalthough he admits that he is on the ball in the sentimental field: “I think I am ready for new relationships but now the priority is me and perhaps the other person would not give his place,” he confessed this Wednesday on Cadena Ser.

Although she is not the first to talk about her ill-fated marriage, the truth is that the former athlete’s story is shocking. Especially when we consider that the two were very private with the details of their private lives during the eleven years they were married.

Now, Cid promotes his new book, walk without borders, in which he talks about heartbreak, hitting rock bottom and the need to gather strength from where you don’t have to get ahead on your own. “I think I’ve gotten over it but it’s been a very difficult year personally, the worst of my life. Writing has served me as therapy, to organize myself, put things in their place and many other things,” he explained. The break took its toll on him in all aspects of his life: “It affected me even in terms of the physical situation because I lost many kilos, I don’t want to see myself like this again. You have to eat, sleep and breathe.”

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At the same time, she was overwhelmed by the media interest generated by the separation: “I never imagined seeing myself involved in this way but you understand it because you are a public figure and you also have to know how to handle it.”

On the other hand, she has recognized that in the hardest moments of her marriage she did not allow herself to be helped by the people around her, and that this closed her in on herself even more: “I didn’t tell my problems to anyonefor example, so that my parents would not suffer for me. The confusion, therefore, was great. I used to do it when I was involved in sports and then I put it into practice in my personal life.”

In addition, he has recognized that he had the Mediaset presenter too idealized and that this did not help. However, she also throws balls against him: “I still idealized what I thought that relationship was but I am clear that it confused me and everyone around me, it was like a bomb. Since she had always been so strong and didn’t usually ask anyone for help, I was left a little alone with a delicate situation and it is obvious that I was not prepared for it.” In short, this is how she defines everything that happened: “It is as if you are preparing a wedding and, without knowing why, the groom does not appear. And you stay there with all the undivided gifts for the guests.”

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In short, Almudena gained momentum to get out of the well by herself: “I had to change and I realized that the patterns had to be changed. I found myself devastated, broken and I realized that I had to modify my behavior to change the situation”.

Thus, he took the bull by the horns: “My life had been blown up. When one is so disappointed, it is normal that you are not prepared. In gymnastics they still scored me badly and it made me angry but in this case, in my personal life, i think i haven’t even been rated. If I stayed anchored in why… I didn’t move forward. It was not a custom-made jersey. I designed my jerseys when I competed but, in this case, i was wrong“.

Almudena, who also represents the work Ladies Football Club on stage, now has other vital objectives, such as leaving Madrid and returning to her homeland, where her loved ones live. She needs the warmth of the pillars of her life to find herself again: “I felt a bit in no man’s land and wanted to return to my land. Now I am clear that I will return to Vitoria to be with my people, with my family, with my friends”.

The actress and writer also sends an important message, as she has gone to professionals to overcome the grief of the breakup and get out of the loop she was in: “I have done supervised therapy because it is something that has always interested me and I have to say that it has helped me a lot. Of course, writing the book has been very good for me and doing theater too. People tell me to get angry but it doesn’t come out. My only concern during these months has been to recover. I’ve been in a dirty make-up cap for months and not realizing it, or three tracksuits in four months.”

More than a year later, she feels like a new woman: “Fortunately I can talk about it now noticing that I’m fine. My family watches me and sees me in good condition. The line of depression is so complex that you have to be careful because you can cross it. Terrible options crossed my mind.. The pain of the other must be legitimized.”

And of course, Cid also compares her situation with that of Shakira, who has expressed her pain for Gerard Piqué through her famous songs: “Each one has her artistic way of going through these situations, she sings and I write. Also, I think that you can bill but also cry at the same time. I think I’m ready for new relationships but I need not to get confused,” she said.