Is called Paul Carberry and runs the charity he chairs Kate Middleton, Action for Children, which aims to “protect and support children and young people”. But whoever is in charge of saving children, as a teenager was a murderer. She has just come to light in the past of Paul, 60, who kept a secret that at the age of 16 he chased on a train and stabbed to death a young man who was going to be a father. When in March of this year they met Carberry, Kate and Guillermo they had no idea that an elementary school teacher, apparently suitable for the position of head of the foundation, could hide such a dark past.

It was 44 years ago when a teenager named Paul Carberry stabbed up to five times John Murray21, and injured another passenger, on a train carrying Scottish football fans to London for a match against England in 1979.

According to the judicial reports consulted by the newspaper Mirror, Carberry had been drinking beer and vodka that day and belonged to an urban group called the Govan Team, made up of young people from a troubled district of Glasgow. The trial on his day recounted how Paul’s extremely violent behavior was the continuation of a fight that broke out on the train, after a member of his group was accused of having sexually abused a young girl on that same trip. railway.

Carberry was arrested when the train stopped at Warrington, Cheshire. In December 1979, at age 17, he was found guilty of murder. The case shocked the United Kingdom because the deceased 21-year-old was engaged and about to be a father. Joan Murraytheir daughter, was born a few months later and, because of Carberry, has grown up without a father.

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After serving time in a youth jail and then an adult prison, he was released in 1985. He then got a job as a social worker and slowly worked his way up the career ladder. He joined the AfC and was already its boss in Scotland when he met Kate and William, patrons of a number of charities, earlier this year.

Now that the manager’s past has been discovered, it has been remembered how Kate Middleton laughed when she posed next to him with her husband, Prince William. Logically, both were unaware of the past of the director of the foundation they preside over.

Paul is the CEO of the Action for Children foundation, whose aim is to “protect and support children and young people” for a year now and is paid £154,500 a year for his work. He also belongs to the “Organized Crime Task Force in his native Scotland, with a mission to stop youth gangs.

The charity has ensured that this same year it informed Palacio about the manager’s past when he took up the position. The institution has also clarified that Paul joined the AfC as manager in 1994 as he was fully aware of his past. Through his work, the ex-convict has helped thousands of children and youth, including those involved in crime, many find work, avoid criminal exploitation, and reach their full potential.

Before the CEO interview, he had a discussion with the president about his conviction, and he was found to be a good fit for the job. Now, when his story has come to light, he has shown that he is not that violent teenager: “It is something that I regret every day of my life. A family did not have their loved one because of me,” Paul has declared about his past.