On January 10, Alvaro Morata announced the birth of their fourth daughter, Bella, and, at the same time, shared their concern with his Instagram followers for his wife’s state of health, Alice Campellowho had to be admitted to the ICU after giving birth.

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Fortunately, a couple of days later the Italian model was discharged and went home to enjoy her newborn baby and the little ones. Leonardo, Edward y Alessandro.

This Saturday, the influencer attended the program very true and recounted in detail what those very hard moments were like after the birth: “I went to the hospital thinking that it would be one of the best days of my life, but it ended like that. The birth went very well and was the most beautiful, by caesarean section, since I couldn’t have chosen otherwise. However, when I held the baby in my arms, I started to feel bad.”

Alice revealed that there were moments in which she struggled between life and death: “I have the image in my head of lifting the sheet and seeing a haemorrhage. I had a strong haemorrhage and it was terrible. The doctors could not stop it and I stayed twelve hours in the operating room, where they intubated me and gave me 17 blood transfusions.

After regaining consciousness, Campello understood the seriousness of what had happened when she saw her husband’s face: “I saw Álvaro’s face and he was pale, destroyed.” “The last hope was the balloon they put in me. If it hadn’t stopped the bleeding, they would have had to remove my uterus and otherwise he would have died,” she confessed. Álvaro and Alice got married in June 2017 and renewed their vows last summer.