Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has proposed changes to the format of the Champions League: UEFA is viewing a 'Football Week' as a 'great football attraction a bit like the Super Bowl'. Rummenigge has assured in the interview published this Wednesday on that the two semi-finals and the final will be held in a single city, as happened in Lisbon in 2020. These complaints join the de Rummenigge on the group stage he considers: “A little boring”. From UEFA the reform of the group stage is discussed.

The Bayern general manager has considered that the top European competition will win in emotion without having a second leg in the quarter-finals and semi-finals: “If you play in a knockout system, the winner takes it all. The loser, who would otherwise have had a second chance in a second leg, is eliminated.”.

He Bayern Munich champion of the Champions with a lone goal of Eat against PSG in the final held on 23 August in Lisbon.


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