Simeone appeared this afternoon telematically before the media, prior to the game tomorrow (18:30) against Osasuna on the 14th day of the League. The injury on Thursday of João Félix, the reduction of the two penalty cards in the UEFA Champions League and the search for the lost solidity, topics of the eu spoke.

Athletic Shield / Flag

-How has Griezmann received the reduction sanction: “As always. I do not exalt myself in the positive things nor do I get depressed in the negative things ”.

-Godín, do you guarantee your return?: “I understand the question, you know what I love Godín for everything he has given us for all these years, but the only thing that interests me now is Osasuna.”

-João Félix, new injury, are you afraid that your progression will slow down?: “Let’s hope it is just a blow and that it dissolves quickly so that soon he will be back with the team.”

-Mentally how this injury fits: “We have said little. I only asked him when I saw him on Thursday about the blow he received. I hope it is just a bruise, that it deflates quickly and, I hope, that against Milan, or Cádiz at the latest, it will be there. Any footballer who loses that rhythm in his growth, does not have to be happy ”.

-More goals against than ever, are you concerned?: “The other days I read that we were the team that received the fewest shots, but 13 had been goals. That occupies me and it is our responsibility as coaches to improve this situation that the team is going through ”.

-This Griezmann of the last games is already the one that was: “Comparisons are always not good. That one was younger, this one has more years, experience, more filming in national team matches, Barcelona…, and little by little, he is taking his best version. We need him the same as in the game against Betis, Valencia. That is the footballer we went to find, the one that the people want and the team needs ”.

-What has the break served you? To work what?: “We always work with the same enthusiasm, looking for the things that the team needs. We were left with six players from the first squad and we were able to work with them accordingly to what we needed. On Wednesday, Thursday, the others joined. We arrived with enthusiasm, with enthusiasm. This is a very competitive league this season and any game that touches you is difficult. Osasuna always has great competition. A great coach, they always know what he plays, with a reference in a search to find centers, counter-attack dynamics, good aggressiveness… ”.