All members of Unionists of Salamanca They knew that yesterday was never going to be erased from his memory. The Real Madrid, who visited the humble stadium of The clues , it was done with the pass to the eighths for a final result of 1-3, but that did not take away the joy of the rival team, which from the outset were clear how difficult it would be to snatch the victory from the whites. At the end of the meeting, there was an exchange of shirts.

Who was going to tell the players of Unionists a month ago, that such day as yesterday would live in The clues something unique. What is clear is that he who had imagined seeing the Real Madrid facing a 2B team would be through a dream, and surely nobody imagined what was experienced yesterday. Long lines to get an entry and finally the maximum expectation that the stadium capacity allowed. A defeat that, although it makes them forget the Copa del Rey, makes them keep in their memory a unique event.

I already warned a few days ago Jabi Luaces that they would not prepare the meeting against the Madrid, because its true priority remains in the Second Division B. Still and not to have anything prepared, Unionists managed to twist the plans to the whites, because they managed to put the tie at 1 on the scoreboard. Finally, a result in favor of those of Zidane by 1-3 he tried to wake them from a dream, but that didn't end there. (Luaces explains what he thought when he saw Zidane's eleven)

At the end of the match, the players of Real Madrid they exchanged t-shirts with those of Unionists, and these could not have a better idea so that no one was left without the white elastic. Louse, captain of the Salamanca team, left the locker room with a bag full of shirts Real Madrid, and is that the goal was to 'get around' in the next training and that no player was left without the memory of having played about sixteenths of Cup with the Madrid of Zidane.

In addition to the exchange of t-shirts, Gongora, Unionistas side, thanks the kindness of the Real Madrid players: “They have behaved very well, they have taken pictures with everyone and we have chatted with them for a while”. (These are some of the possible rivals of Madrid in the round of 16)