The big day has arrived for Kiko Matamoros and Marta López Álamo! This Tuesday, around five in the afternoon, they have arrived at the Basilica of San Miguel, in the center of Madrid, to say ‘yes, I do’ and swear eternal love. The couple, separated by five minutes apart, have left the Ritz Hotel in Madrid, where the banquet with dinner by chef Quique Dacosta will later take place.

Marta has chosen a design from the Yolancris bridal collection from her minimal line, with a fitted top with a deep neckline on the back in contrast to the long sleeves. The bride accompanies this ice white dress, which she already showed on Wednesday on the cover of Lectures, with a large romantic veil with floral embroidery, which is gathered up with a ballerina bow. He has walked down the aisle on the arm of his father, the best man at the wedding.

Matamoros, for his part, has entered the Church accompanied by his daughter Laura. His son Diego has arrived after the bride and groom have entered the basilica, with the ceremony already begun. She does not accompany them Anita Matamoros, the daughter of Makoke and Kiko, because she does not have a good relationship with her parent.

“It is the end of a long journey. Now the family union prevails,” explained Diego, who has prepared a speech to read during the ceremony. It is the most special “gift” he can give his father. At her wedding with Makoke in 2016, Kiko’s children with Marian Flores (Diego is joined by Laura and Lucía) were not present because of how complicated the relationship between father and children was at that time.

The guests

from companions of Save me like Chelo García-Cortés, Alonso Caparrós (with Angélica Delgado) and Antonio Montero, to other faces like Alejandra Rubio. Terelu’s daughter, at the gates of the church, has revealed that she has been talking all day with Marta López Álamo. They are great friends.