Granadilla signed a collaboration agreement with 18 Canarian clubs in order to promote women's football. A unique agreement in the Canary Islands, promoting football as a training tool, which aims to support players of all ages, thus guaranteeing their correct evolution from an early age.

The agreement puts at your disposal the work methodology, training sessions and the set of departments of the Tenerife club, which will also develop training talks related to sports nutrition and psychology, injury prevention or different communication tools. An action that promotes equality, offering more opportunities to girls who decide to choose soccer as a sporting activity and making it possible for them to project beyond 14 years of age, when they must stop competing in mixed teams.

Precisely in this sense, one of the characteristics of the agreement is that the Tenerife club offers freedom to the players, being able to decide for themselves where to continue their progression. The clubs subject to the treaty will offer equal opportunities to boys and girls and, in turn, may request and propose different activities to develop during the season.

Core values, the only condition to qualify

The only requirement that the clubs must assume is the responsibility to develop the philosophy taught by the UDG Tenerife, inculcating the inherent values ​​of the club such as equality, training and the well-being of the player, promoting respect for their partner, rival, to the refereeing establishment and in the player / coach / team binomial, as well as instilling good behavior in competition and the discipline necessary to carry out team play and solidarity coexistence.

The president of the Tenerife club, Sergio Batista has assured that “Our intention is that no girl from the Canary Islands is left without the illusion of playing soccer. We have a clear objective: to promote, support, and protect women's soccer and this agreement will mark a milestone in the archipelago's soccer history. Our community has A lot of talent, it is our duty to bet on not losing and generating equal opportunities for the players. “ In addition, Batista has pointed out that “this is just the beginning of a future of projects focused on improving the conditions of the players.”