The Government reiterates its support for the world champions and affirms that it wants to see them “play and win”


The acting Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, reiterated this Tuesday the Executive’s support for the Spanish women’s soccer team, current world champions, and showed her “interest” in the soccer players “being able to play their matches,” because “it “The most important thing is to see them play and win.”

“The Government is interested in the Spanish team being able to play its matches, that the federation does not leave Spain without a team. We want there to be changes, that they be quick, that the confidence of the players be restored. And it Most importantly, what we want is to see them play and see them win,” said the acting head of Territorial Policy at the press conference after the Council of Ministers.

Rodríguez repeated that the players “have already shown that they are world champions” and recalled that the two Nations League matches against Sweden, this Friday, and Switzerland, next Tuesday, September 26, are “very important,” too.” for those next Olympic Games. “Therefore, the Government supports the champions and wants to see them play and win,” he stressed.


The president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), Víctor Francos, also appeared this Monday “closely in favor of the players” of the women’s team in the conflict they are experiencing with the RFEF. Thus, since this morning a dialogue has begun with the captains of the national team to convince them to attend the rally with the promise that the Government will do “whatever is necessary to regularize the situation” in the federation, admitting that if they decide not to go, they will have no choice but to “apply the law” and punish them.

“We are strongly in favor of the players of the women’s soccer team, but I still don’t know why there has been a conflict, because I am unable to know because no one has explained it to me, why there is an exchange of, in theory, of reproaches, of names, of accusations, the Government has received absolutely nothing,” said Francos on ‘El Larguero’ on the SER network.

On Monday, in her first list as coach, Montse Tomé called up most of the world champions, as well as Mapi León and Patri Guijarro, who return after missing the World Cup for being part of ‘the 15’, and Rosa Márquez and María Méndez, although with the significant absences of Jenni Hermoso and Alba Redondo.

Subsequently, several players regretted having been called up because their desire not to be called up “for justified reasons” and which they had made “clear” in their statement last Friday is still “fully valid”, and they stressed that the call up had not been made “in time.” and form” according to the regulations, so they cannot be required to “come”.