The Government of Spain insists that “The conditions are not in place” to partially open the stadiums to the public since “the incidence of the coronavirus on the population far exceeds the limits established by the World Health Organization “in almost all the autonomies, sources from the Higher Sports Council (CSD) confirmed to this newspaper.

The Councilor for Sports of the Junta de Andalucía and former national basketball coach, Javier Imbroda, has confirmed that he has proposed to Health that the Champions match between Sevilla and Rennes on Wednesday 28 October can be held with an audience and limited capacity, the Granada-PAOK of the Europa League the following day and the League of Nations match that Spain and Germany will play on November 17 at the La Cartuja stadium. “2,500 spectators are proposed for a capacity of 60,000. There is more than enough space and distance. Our proposals are quite moderate, and we do them because fear is another pandemic. All prudence and caution are necessary, but we have to continue living. This virus cannot paralyze us, which is what it is trying to do: confine us. Confinement is a triumph for the virus, “Imbroda said.

But in the face of this argument, the CSD insists that “the government's position has not changed and it is the one transmitted to Ceferin last week.” In that letter, Irene Lozano, Secretary of State for Sport, told the UEFA president that “The Government firmly excludes the opening of stadiums to fans and the general public. It is highly unlikely that this position will change this year.”.

UEFA also wants the public to return to the stadiums little by little. After the organization test in the European Super Cup, in Budapest, from Nyon they have been encouraged to consult which countries are in a position to allow the presence of fans live. Spain insists that it will not authorize it because, as Irene Lozano reminds Ceferin “in our country the contagion rate has reached the average rate of 254 / 100,000 in recent weeks, while the WHO highlights that from a rate of 50 / 100,000 government intervention is required. ” “The Government of Spain would like nothing more than to open stadiums to fans, but the time has not yet come to do so”insist from the CSD.


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