The organization of the most important day in the life of the Marquise de Griñón and public relations is going at full speed. After visiting the El Rincón palace, where the party after the religious wedding will take place, the brand new bride has already made some important decisions. For example, who will be the man who will accompany her to the altar on June 17?

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Tamara He has chosen his older brother, manolo falco, to do the honors of godfather. Even though Julio Jose It was the other option, it seems that he finally decided to ask the eldest son of the marquis. They are very close, so much so that together they bought the part of El Rincón that corresponded to the rest of their brothers (Xandra, Aldara and Duarte) to manage the property just the two of them. The godmother will be Carolina Molasmother of Inigo Onieva.

In addition, Tamara has already contacted a trusted firm to take care of the flower arrangements. This is the same company that created a small garden in her maiden apartment and later moved it to Villa Meona, when Tamara decided to return to live with her mother.

On the other hand, the bride (who is waiting to be fitted with the famous three-stone ring that Onieva had improved after their reconciliation) has already has hired a wedding-planner to help you with the rest of the details, as well as with the Collaboration with Blanca Unzuetaa well-known stylist who will work hand in hand with her great friend John Avellaneda to make the ideal wedding dress. She already advanced the protagonist that the designer “has it more thought than me” and that it will be “classic but with a preppy touch”, a personal and exclusive model away from commercial brands.