The ‘Goals for Equality’ initiative of Liga F and Finetwork will be held on December 28


The F League and Finetwork will celebrate the ‘Goles for Equality’ initiative on Wednesday, December 28, at the GOfit Vallehermoso Municipal Pavilion in Madrid, to “launch a message of awareness against discrimination based on gender,” according to a statement.

This Thursday, at 7:00 p.m., the presentation of the fourth edition of the ‘Goals for Equality’ match by Finetwork and the F League will take place at the Hotel Puerta América in Madrid, an initiative that wants to emphasize that “without F, football is not spelled the same”, after the recent professionalisation of women’s football in Spain.

In the event, which will be presented and hosted by the DAZN journalist Nira Juanco, the president of the competition, Beatriz Álvarez Mesa, and the general director of Sports of the Community of Madrid, Fernando Benzo, will intervene. It will also include the participation of the soccer players Maitane López and Eva Navarro (Atlético de Madrid) and Cristina Librán, Sandra Villafañe, Marina Rivas, Lucía Pardo, Rachael Kundananji and Paola Ulloa (Madrid CFF).

The ‘Goals for Equality’ initiative will be held on Wednesday, December 28 at the GOfit Vallehermoso Municipal Pavilion, in Madrid. The event will consist of two parties with which they want to “launch a message of awareness against discrimination based on gender.” The first, between mixed children’s 5-a-side football teams, after which the highlight of the event will be held, with a duel between two teams of League F players.