The Thai police have not questioned her but her testimony is key: she was the person who accompanied Daniel Sancho to the police station to report the disappearance of Edwin Arrieta in Ko Pha Nghan. “I had to help him because he was bleeding a lot from one finger. He had a cut and he told me that he had done it by opening a coconut”has revealed this Monday.

The young woman, who wants to keep her identity a secret, spoke this Monday with Public mirror: “He was wearing some band-aids and some medicines that they had given him at the hotel”, has counted. She is the same girl with whom Daniel Sancho had lunch that day in a restaurant near her bungalow: they had met a few hours before, but “there was nothing romantic between us,” she clarified.

“We were going to go to the Full Moon party together, but we went to the police station first because he was worried about his friend and wanted to file a complaint,” he explained. “Two hours after Daniel was inside, a police officer came out of the police station and told me that he would remain detained and that I should go home. It was the last time I saw him, without knowing what they accused him of.”

Daniel Sancho confessed to the crime against Edwin Arrieta nine days ago in Thailand. He claimed that his death was fortuitous after hitting him during a fight. Later, he dismembered it into 14 parts and threw them into the sea and a landfill. According to his statement, the Colombian surgeon had threatened him and his family: “I did it to defend my life and that of the people I love.” This Tuesday he will be accused of premeditated murder, a crime that in Thailand is punishable by capital punishment.