A great family tragedy can unite or disunite the people affected and it is clear that the parents of Daniel Sancho They belong to the second group. Their relationship has been non-existent since their son turned 18 and not even in these complicated moments have they managed to forget the quarrels to offer their son a united defense. And Rodolfo tried.

The actor of plastic sea contact with Silvia Bronchalo to inform him about the actions that were going to be carried out to form a Spanish defense that would work not only for Daniel’s interests in Thailand but also for the entire family in the media. The Chippirrás-Balfagón firm was the first to speak publicly on behalf of the Sanchos, later Marcos García Montes joined. According to TardeARRodolfo offered his ex to team up with him and create a common front, but Silvia refused.

Not only that. Daniel Sancho’s father and mother are carrying out the same actions in parallel, something that denotes the absolute lack of communication between them. The last one: present a power of attorney to the Thai Court to legally represent your child. Rodolfo’s was accepted, Silvia’s was not, because it lacked the express consent of his son.