Nobody wants him. Neither his brother King Carlos III nor the Government of Rishi Sunak nor the people. The prince andrew He continues to pay for his scandals and for his dark friendship with the millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, responsible for a network of sexual trafficking of minors. The bill you have to pay is endless. If your mother Isabel II, withdrew his military titles and honors after the Giuffre case, now the Duke of York is left without his bodyguards. This measure, which becomes effective as of this Thursday, December 1, as published The Sunhas aroused his fury.

Alone and with a sanitary cordon around him. This is how the ousted Prince Andrew is found. He doesn’t do any representative work at The Firm, no one wants to hear from him at the House. Above all, the king, who stands out with this step. He already did it when named his siblings Eduardo and Ana as substitutes in case of absence.

Andrés’ bodyguards: 3.5 million euros a year

The decision of the Government of Rishi Sunak to strip him of his escorts, and which will take effect on December 1, has raised his voice and aroused his anger, according to the newspaper. So much so that Andrés is analyzing the possibility of suing the Ministry of the Interior and the Metropolitan Police. “He is going to write to them showing his complaints,” he publishes Sun on Sunday citing a close source.

This measure affects your life and safety, but it also affects the pocket of taxpayers. His escorts would mean an expense of about 3.5 million euros a year, which were paid for by public coffers. The duke, who lives in the media shadow, is installed in Windsor, where he lives with his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson.