The viralized photograph of the four kings of Spain sharing a bench at the funeral of Isabel II continues to give something to talk about. Moncloa saw this image with discomfort, which has become fuel for the partners of the Government of Pedro Sánchez. So much so that they pressure the president to withdraw the title of king emeritus from Don Juan Carlos, as published by El Debate. Of all the protagonists of the portrait, the one who benefits the most is the emeritus. These are the three advantages of photographing him in Westminster Abbey.

It was the image of discord. Zarzuela was sent to the British authorities responsible for the protocol so that they could decide how Felipe VI, Doña Letizia and the emeritus would sit. In the end, side by side. Like the rest of the European royal houses, the head of state shared a bank with his father. An informative moment that goes beyond the image itself. These are the advantages for the previous monarch.

A. That Don Juan Carlos has a pending legal case for a lawsuit filed against him by his former lover, Corinna Larsen, is a fact. That this lawsuit, for alleged harassment, is open in London is also a fact (and a great coincidence of scenarios).

Two. Added to these circumstances is the defense line of the emeritus, whose lawyers have focused on the fact that Juan Carlos is part of the Royal Family. This point has been the thorniest, especially when the London Court of Appeals agreed with the magistrate who recognized that the emeritus was not part of the family due to his self-exile and because he had no content. However, the court allowed the former head of state to appeal the decision to withdraw his immunity after his abdication (in 2014).

Three. These arguments fell this Monday 19 at Windsor Abbey, since Juan Carlos came out of his invisibility and returned to the institutional agenda of the Royal House. He traveled to London invited by Buckingham in a personal capacity and sat next to his son, Felipe VI, at the state funeral of Elizabeth II. He attended, along with 500 leaders, an official act at the highest level (qualified as the funeral of the century) and greeted the new king, Carlos III, with affection. Here are the photos to prove it. We will see on November 8 how the emeritus appeal against Corinna’s lawsuit progresses.