Rayo Vallecano, full of life, overwhelmed a Real Mallorca that at no time gave a feeling of danger and fell with a crash in Vallecas, offering a very poor impression. Andoni Iraola’s team was far superior, and could even have won by more goals difference. The red-and-white streak continues: Rayo continues without losing in Vallecas and rises to sixth position to the detriment of Barça.

The meeting began with high pulsations and maximum excitement from Rayo Vallecano. After the initial scoring, very soon Andoni Iraola’s team assumed control of the center of the field and in the first arrival at the visitor’s goal, they took the lead with a goal from Sergi Guardiola. The forward, after winning his back on the defense, beat Manolo Reina by taking advantage of a great pass from Comesaña. Only 15 minutes had been played. Maximum effectiveness.

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As is usual, Rayo did not lower their benefits after having advanced on the scoreboard. Quite the opposite. He continued to be daring in his every move.

While Real Mallorca tried to rebuild without success from the blow it received, the Madrid team put together a counterattack that was lethal: Álvaro García, after a pass from Óscar Trejo, left due to the speed of all the rivals who came his way and in a flash. unseen, he made it 2-0 in Vallecas. 20 minutes of the match had not yet been completed and Real Mallorca was already KO

The Balearic team’s first approach came in the 32nd minute. Goalkeeper Dimitrievski stopped Antonio Sánchez’s shot, who tried to take advantage of, without luck, a good pass from Kang In Lee, Real Mallorca’s best player in the first half.

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The island team did not do more in the first half, while Rayo did not stop insisting. Catena scored a third goal in the 40th minute but the referee canceled the goal due to a previous foul by the author committed on Manolo Reina.

With the 2-0 the end of a first part of Rayista dominance was reached against a Mallorca impotent and completely overcome. It was, possibly, the worst first half of the island so far in the league.

After the break, Real Mallorca continued with a worrying lack of intensity. From the bench, coach Pedro Rostoll (the assistant to the suspended Luis García Plaza), surprisingly, did not move pieces until the 54th minute. Kang In Lee, who had been the best of the visitors but had seen a yellow card, left I went to the shower and Angel came in. Another attacker, Mboula, supplied Niño.

Meanwhile, Rayo Vallecano dedicated themselves to playing with the result in their favor and increased their superiority when Óscar Trejo transformed into a Panenka a clear penalty committed by Martin Valjent on the same Rayista captain (3-0).

The rest of the game was left over. Iraola’s team took their foot off the gas, but Mallorca didn’t react like that. Rayo even scored a fourth goal that was annulled by the referee and Mallorca made up the result with a useless goal from Abdón Prats.

Vallecano Ray Mallorca



13 S. Dimitrievski 1 Manolo Reina
20 I. Balliu 15 P. Maffeo
24 E. Saveljich 24 M. Valjent
5 Chain 5 Franco Russo
33 Fran garcia 3 Brian Olivan
23 Oscar Valentine 16 R. Battle
6 S. Comesaña 73 ‘ 4 I. Ruiz De Galarreta 69 ‘
(22 J. Pozo) (6 A. Febas)
7 Isi 85 ‘ 10 Antonio Sanchez 69 ‘
(11 Andrés) (23 Amath)
8 OR. Trejo 68 ‘ 19 Kang-In Lee 55′
(12 Unai lopez) (22 Angel)
18 Alvaro Garcia 85 ‘ 14 Dani Rodríguez 85 ‘
(19 K. Rodrigues) (9 Abdón)
16 Sergi Guardiola 68 ‘ 26 Fer Niño 55 ‘
(10 Baby) (7 J. Mboula)

Goals:(1-0) Sergi Guardiola (16 ‘), (2-0) Álvaro García (20’), (3-0) Ó. Trejo (63 ‘), (3-1) Abdón (89’)

Cards:L Kang-In Lee (28 ‘), Óscar Valentín (47’), Sergi Guardiola (57 ‘), Brian Oliván (57’), Ó. Trejo (65 ‘)L

Referee: Figueroa Vázquez (Andalusian Committee)

Spectators: 10,000 in Vallecas

THE BEST The intensity of a Ray led by Óscar Trejo
WORST The weakness of Mallorca, who lost their options in the first half