The former Big Brother contestant had been on the run for 19 months

The Police and the Mossos have arrested Carlos Navarroformer contestant of Big Brother known as ‘El Yoyas’who escaped 19 months ago, after being sentenced to five and a half years in prison for mistreating his ex-wife, also a former contestant Fayna Bethencourt, whom he met on the reality show, and his two children that the participants in the program have in common.

A court in the Canary Islands ordered the imprisonment of Navarro, well known for his television appearances also after his time in prison. Big Brother. He was a member of Martian Chronicles Carlos Navarro was a member of the National Police, who was involved in the crime of stealing drugs alongside Sardá and had his own television programme on a local Catalan radio station. ‘El Yoyas’ had not only managed to evade justice until now, but had also given several interviews. He had been avoiding the siege to which he was being subjected for a year and seven months. Carlos Navarro even laughed at the supposed inability of the Security Forces to find him. But the National Police arrested him this Wednesday in l’Anoia (Barcelona). Specifically, the arrest took place at six o’clock in the morning on Wednesday in a farmhouse in La Torre de Claramunt, belonging to the region of l’Anoia, in the province of Barcelona, ​​according to Luis Rendueles in The newspaper citing sources of the case.

Navarro was sentenced to five years and eight months in prison for continuously abusing his ex-wife, Fayna Bethencourt, whom he met in 2001 on the popular contest and whom he later married. He was also convicted of abusing the two children they have in common. The operation to achieve his arrest was led by the Fugitive Location section of the National Police and has had the collaboration of the Mossos d’Esquadra. The arrest warrant issued against Navarro is for the crimes of domestic violence, threats and abuse, according to police sources.

23 years ago, ‘El Yoyas’ was already expelled by the organization of GH as a consequence of his violent behavior towards Bethencourt and another classmate, a few days after starting the program. The sentence that declared him guilty has been final since April 2022, but instead of serving the sentence, the abuser decided to flee to avoid going to prison. For nineteen months, Navarro has been hiding in different parts of Spain.

From different hiding places, he allowed himself to give interviews to various media outlets in which he even asked for “pardon or amnesty” from the Government of Pedro Sánchez. Meanwhile, her victim begged to protect her and her children from her abuser.

“On the street right now is my torturer, a convicted fugitive. What message are we giving to the women who are experiencing what I experienced?” Bethencourt denounced a few months ago on her YouTube channel. The judge who sentenced Navarro concluded that his ex-partner “has at all times maintained the same version of the events, both at the police and judicial headquarters and later in the oral trial, which was also corroborated by the testimonies and the forensic psychological reports.” .

The testimony of his children, minors, who testified about the scenes of violence between their father and their mother that they had witnessed, also weighed against ‘El Yoyas’; in addition to the statement of a cousin of the victim who assured the magistrate that Bethencourt hid in the bathroom to speak to her on the phone and ask for help.

Carlos Navarro’s ex-wife also presented several photographs that prove the injuries she suffered after several episodes of physical attacks and the forensic psychological reports carried out on the complainant and the minors.