“The floats should be scattered, and whoever is bothered…”

Visibly emotional and with a lump in his throat, this is how Jorge Javier Vázquez spoke this Friday about the situation of the LGTBIQ+ community in the Congress of Deputies. The presenter, a supporter of the PSOE, has joined the celebration of Pride 2024 with the organization of the Parliamentary Day Educating in Diversity, in which he has claimed the need for mobilization in the streets. In addition, he has recalled the importance of having references for self-recognition in diversity, as well as the need for a celebration. “The floats should be scattered, and whoever is bothered by it should stay home that day with their children”Has expressed.

The communicator has joined the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaskaanother of the participants of the event, and was grateful for the fact of coinciding in an event that is an open door for those who have lived hiding from society because of their sexual orientation.

The Catalan has mentioned Jordi Petit and Armando Fluvià, whom he described as brave champions of the collective’s claims in the final stretch of Franco’s regime. And, having said this, he has been very forceful against the LGBTIphobia of the far-right parties: “It’s funny that in Madrid, a city we all love, you walk down the street and everything is full of LGTBI flags, but you get to City Hall and the Community and they aren’t there.”. A disdain that, he says, is later reflected in the polls when “23J comes and what happens, happens.”

Recalling the controversial video in which he appeared drunk, Jorge Javier has claimed the right of the collective to celebrate its diversity on the floats of the different Pride parades, and has sent a message to those who describe the participants in this celebration as “degenerates”, inviting them to stay “one day at home with their children”. That is precisely what he does. “When they are demonstrating every Saturday against the amnesty law,” because he says that “the floats should be scattered and out of control”.

Finally, he has called the attention of the youth not to relax and not to give up all the rights that the group should enjoy. “Unfortunately, in many television programs we have given space to people who should not have had a platform to express themselves”allowing for “television programs with huge audiences, with homophobic and transphobic speeches.”