The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has reported this Saturday that, through the Integrity department, has transferred to the Competition Committee “the new information available within the framework of Operation Oikoswho is linked to the alleged match fixing, so that this body determines if there could be disciplinary responsibilities. “

The RFEF recalls that “reported these alleged events to the Prosecutor's Office in May 2018, after receiving a report from UEFA warning of possible serious irregularities. “

The Federation is in this cause, who currently knows the court of First Instance and Instruction number 5 of Huesca, as a private prosecution, and “actively collaborates with the Justice to avoid conduct far from fair play, considering that integrity and exemplarity should always prevail in Spanish football, always trying to guarantee the same “.

“It was the RFEF that brought the alleged Huesca-Nástic fix to the Prosecutor's Office after receiving a report from UEFA on May 29, 2018. Specifically, an abnormal situation was indicated around the betting markets that indicated the possible manipulation of said encounter. The RFEF immediately reported this situation to the Competition Committee, “he adds.

Also remember that “the aforementioned RFEF body agreed to open an extraordinary disciplinary file for the possible commission of one or more infractions to the general sports regulations, a procedure that was suspended after the decision to transfer all this information to the State Attorney General's Office, considering that it could constitute a criminal offense. “

Now the Competition Committee must analyze the new information, after the decision adopted by the RFEF to submit to this body all the information it currently has so that it can determine if there could be an infringement of the disciplinary rules.

The RFEF adds that “respects the principle of the presumption of innocence of the people under investigation. From the RFEF it is our obligation to inform the disciplinary bodies in this case, of any circumstance that could constitute an infraction. Likewise, it wants to express once again that it carries out and will carry out all the necessary actions to defend the integrity of soccer competitions, both from the preventive point of view and from that of denunciation to the competent disciplinary, administrative and judicial bodies, in a diligent manner such as It was done both in May 2018 and on Friday. “


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