The Federation of Peñas del Real Valladolid has asked the director of the Presidency cabinet, David Espinar, and the CEO, Mathieu Fenaert, that the club “meditate” on maintaining the previous shield, after the “misguided” change of the same and that has caused a great controversy between the fans.

In a meeting that representatives of both institutions held this Monday, already agreed prior to the presentation of the new shield of Real Valladolid, in which the castles and the laureate of San Fernando have been eliminated, the representatives of the supporters clubs have transmitted their discomfort in the face of this novelty.

Through a statement that they have published on social networks, they have explained that, as mediators and responsible for the best possible relationship between the fans and the club, it was their obligation to communicate the disagreement regarding the new shield that “in the case of such an important symbol , with which the majority has grown, should have been agreed upon and discussed with the members and supporters clubs”.

They recalled that the Real Valladolid shield was chosen by the fans of all the teams in Spain as the “most beautiful” in the First and Second divisions and its change, made public on the club’s 94th anniversary, “has made it much worse and , far from showing modernity, has gone back in time, showing a very different design, which practically no one has liked”.

Although they consider that this modification has been made by the club “with the best of intentions, dedication and affection, in the opinion of the supporters club and the Blanquivioletas fans, it has been totally unwise”.

In this sense, they understand that the club is in a constant effort to evolve and improve Real Valladolid, but the shield should not be an element susceptible to variation, such as the kits, which vary year after year due to contractual and commercial issues. .

Also, in the statement, the Federation of Supporters Clubs of Real Valladolid has assumed that the shield “has undergone various variations, in many cases, for reasons of a political nature” but considers that the one that has existed until this Monday, with almost a quarter of century of history, represented the blanquivioletas fans and had an “important meaning” for the vast majority.

That is why they have shown, in the aforementioned meeting, the “strongest of oppositions” to the change produced in the shield and have asked Espinar and Fenaert to “get the opinion of the fans before making such a drastic modification since it is a symbol and a sentiment of Real Valladolid and is linked to key elements in the history of the city such as the castles or the laureate, which also surrounds the coat of arms of Valladolid”.

After the publication of the letter, some voices have proposed “carrying out more forceful actions, such as rallies or protests in front of the stadium to request that the previous shield be recovered”, while asking that no one buy any club product that bears the new shield.

Those who have shown their support for the change of the coat of arms have been the political group of Izquierda Unida de Valladolid, in which they have praised the elimination of the laureate, since it is considered a Francoist symbol and, with its disappearance “the Historical memory”.

An opinion that has also provoked a prominent debate on social networks, among those who consider said laureate as an identification with the dictatorial period; those who explain that it is a military symbol that existed eighty years before Franco came to power, and those who defend that the laurel wreath comes from Ancient Rome and Greece, and was given as a reward to poets, warriors and athletes.