At the end of the game against Elche and the defeat consummated (fourth in four games), a part of the fans present at the Coliseum dismissed the team with whistles. In the press room, Míchel showed his face. “It is normal for the public to seek a person in charge on the bench and I do not turn away. Let the players be left alone ”.

The next day, the rumor mill began to doubt the continuity of Míchel. Noise without more, because president Ángel Torres, who was the one who called him to sign him, fully trusts his coach. Also the template. “We are in matchday 4, those who whistle now later are going to applaud. I think we are going to have a good year and we are going to be at the top, and I say it now “. The phrase is from Soria, one of the captains.

Getafe Shield / Flag

The fans walk with the fly behind their ears but they picked up the glove and yesterday He mobilized on social networks with the hasthag # YoConfío, showing his support for the team and the coach, Míchel.

Ángel Torres is not an easy trigger and tends to hold out for a long time before giving an ultimatum to a coach or dismissing him. For example, last season he endured cars and wagons with Bordalás. In addition, the president does not forget that with Míchel, in his first stage 10 years ago, Getafe played the best football and was sixth in the League, qualifying for the Europa League.

Much will depend on what happens in the next matches: on Saturday in the field of Rayo Vallecano, on Tuesday he will receive Atlético, on Sunday 26 he will visit Betis and on Sunday 3 he will receive Real Sociedad. Then there will be a new league break due to the National Team's commitments. Too long to think in case the results keep getting traversed.

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