staged injuries

Everyone knows the ‘escapist’ version of Djokovic, the one he has shown off so many times to overcome matches no matter how uphill they were. But his iron will to overcome adverse markers goes beyond his talent, since on many occasions he has resorted to not-so-sporting tricks in order to win. Specifically, Djokovic has been characterized by stopping games due to alleged injuries or physical problems, not very credible and of all kinds (cramps, back, neck, shoulder pain, dizziness and even discomfort with contact lenses), which his rivals have harshly criticized. “I don’t believe his injuries. I’m serious. I think he pretends he has those injuries” (Roger Federer); “He suffers up to 16 injuries at certain moments of the game and still, he goes on and wins them. It seems that he has cramps, anthrax or even the avian flu” (Andy Roddick); “I’d rather lose in the final and be happy than win the final and go home and be miserable” (Andy Murray); “Every time the match gets complicated, he asks for assistance, I don’t know if it’s something chronic in the shoulder or just mental. But it hasn’t thrown me off center, I knew it would happen, it happened at the US Open and here. And what will continue to happen” (Pablo Carreño”, are some of the most forceful phrases that have been dedicated to Nole. Almost nothing.