“The example of my life was my father, a farmer who got up at three in the morning”

Summer is coming and the first to join the television bandwagon Eva Gonzalezwho sponsored the new collection of glasses this Thursday in Madrid Sunglass Hut and took the opportunity to demonstrate that the borderline fame that some have attributed to him “does not correspond to reality.” “I am a woman of character, but not of bad character,” she clarifies.

Eva is not that she is pretty, it is that she is impressive and the years improve, it is a pleasure.. The smile that everyone fell in love with remains from ‘Miss Spain’, and now it adds the experience of a woman who is already celebrating twenty years in front of the cameras. But even with that face and that body she regrets the photos in which she recently saw herself while she was taking a bath on the beach. “I can’t stand the heat less and less, but I like the attitude of people in the summer who are more uninhibited. Next week we start recording the program in full force and I will only be able to take a few days off in August. I admit that what I like most I like to put on my flip flops, my bun, my face washed and be with my loved ones. The plans that make me the happiest are the ones that involve the least hassle. My child, friends and family and that’s it. “It should be prohibited to catch a person the first day they go to the beach. I was white as mother of pearl. When I saw myself I thought how could I be so unlucky to be taken out like that. “I’m not angry, but come on, if they had caught me a few days later, I would have looked a little better because we all know what we look like on the first day at the beach and I’m not telling you on the cover of a magazine.”

The model recognizes that she is living a “quiet” moment in life in which she has always felt “loved by the media despite some moments.” Regarding controversies that try to splash her, she says that she will “never participate” and in that she has almost always known how to protect herself from them. She is passionate about fashion, she enjoys wearing sunglasses and a recurring thought is to create something of her own when she sees the moment. “I started on television when I was 21 years old and I have been there for 22. I love what I do. The voice “It’s lucky for me because I experience a lot of sensations and live shows that are pure adrenaline for those of us who like to present and love this profession.”

Eva does not run away from work and in that she has the example of her parents, especially her father, a farmer who had to get up to mow at three in the morning with tractors where air conditioning did not exist. “I have always been disciplined because I have seen her example every day. I do not consider myself a television diva since I still have a lot to learn but I have been supported by a team.” When receiving comments from her family, Eva remembers her father’s joy. “I couldn’t even see myself on TV, I was crying with emotion,” she says with a certain nostalgia for her absence.

Mother of a six-year-old child from her marriage to Cayetano Rivera He explains naturally how the little boy barely knows that his mother is such a media personality, and that’s why he is surprised when they take photos of him in the street. “At first he wanted to get in the way and I explained to him that it would be better to get out of the camera. It’s too early to know where he will go but neither his father nor I want him to be a bullfighter. We know what such a tough profession entails and it is best that you find your path and seek happiness from it.”

Eva empathizes with her chain partner Cristina Pedroche, who has written a book to talk about her fears and how to manage them after motherhood. “I also became scared, because you are a different type of woman after motherhood. You have to assimilate it, live it, sweat it and cry it. Now that my son is six years old, I am beginning to overcome those fears.” The love of her son has her in a state of tranquility, and regarding the possibility of finding a new love, she assures: “I have peace of mind and calm, I work and my son, I am healthy… but not a special desire to find a partner.” “A man has to have something that makes me fall in love. They are sensations and energies. I am neither closed nor open. I am in life”she says amused.

She admits to being “an enjoyer of life” and that she has never hidden from anything: “I am jealous of my privacy but I have never lied or hidden anything. The best thing is to live everything naturally and let it be what it has to be.” Even though her ex is a bullfighter, Eva does not have a special bullfighting hobby and she did not go before Cayetano nor does she go to the bullrings on time. Of course, she says that she and her ex get along well and that they are united in ensuring that her son grows up happy. The only thing she doesn’t quite understand is the reputation for bad character that has been attached to her for years. “Someone must have written it at some point and that label has stuck with me but I don’t consider myself a woman with that genius that they say. I have character, but not a bad character.” Of course, in that act she showed that she was delighted and relaxed. It is also true that there were no uncomfortable questions about Lucía Rivera, the daughter of her ex and the model Blanca Romero, who even wrote in her book the little help she received from her when she was married to her father. she. Comparisons are hateful but today Lucía does not stop repeating how wonderful Cayetano Rivera’s current partner, the Portuguese presenter María Cerqueira, is, and there are descriptions that do not need more adjectives.