The enormous anger against Terelu Campos from her (former) TVE colleagues after leaving them stood up

We already saw it moving forward: Terelu Campos He was negotiating his return to Telecinco, but until now, due to financial discrepancies, as we are told, it had not materialized. And this is where the bombshell of his daughter’s pregnancy, Alejandra Rubiowhich was announced just a week ago, has played a good trick so that the eldest of the clan will sit down, starting next Friday, to gut whoever is needed in Friday. We do not know the cache they have closed for him but they tell us that he is far above that of his colleagues. We will continue investigating.

What we do know is that this signing of Terelu by Mediaset has gone down badly in the Public Corporationwhere Pedro Sánchez asked for the doors to be opened to him when he was thrown out exactly a year ago Save melike the rest of his companions, Jorge Javier Vazquez, Belen Esteban or Kiko Hernandezamong others. According to what we are told, Terelu has not given any information about her departure until her signing was published. It was then that Alejandra Rubio’s mother received a call from her bosses to confirm the news and she admitted that she was “getting divorced” to remarry her former network.

This is the second time that Terelu Campos has left her colleagues at Televisión Española in a little over a week. The first time was just after the publication of the Hello the news of the pregnancy of her daughter, Alejandra Rubio. The next day, Thursday, June 20, the daughter of Maria Teresa Campos She was summoned to attend her post in Mornings. Of course, he declined to attend and did not do so on Friday either. He also works in Fuencarral Carmen Borrego who, on behalf of her sister, as a representative, has already closed her first exclusive interview with From Friday. But the calls from the top of Spanish Television did not wait long. The bosses called Terelu to give him an ultimatum, as we already told in this digital, and he finally reluctantly showed up at DHeart on Saturday, after having made his first intervention the day before on the competition network, where he earned a large cache. It wasn’t easy for him to sit down on Saturday. Campos set conditions; among them, that the companions with whom he sat were of his opinion and not to talk about the criminal life of his grandson’s father, Carlo Constanzia. Everything was closed on the same Friday afternoon and Terelu finally answered the questions of Jordi Gonzalez and Anne Igartiburu. The space, which normally does not enjoy good health in terms of audience, achieved that Saturday with Terelu talking about her daughter’s pregnancy the best data of the season: 8.6% share. It is also true that now DCorazon It is somewhat shorter and TVE is on fire thanks to the Euro Cup. And it is also true that on Sunday Jordi González and company plummeted to a pathetic 6%, a figure even more terrible if we take into account that the average for La 1 on Sunday exceeded 11%.

Now, both in Morningswhere they expected her next week, as in DHeart They are trilling with Terelu, because they extended their hand to her when she was neither providing an audience nor making news. All the helping hand of the President of the Government, and now they have been left without it overnight. “They didn’t like the shapes”they tell us from Spanish Television. “Things can be done well or badly and Terelu I have not done them well”. But they also tell us that they are glad he is gone because he was going “with an air of superiority that went down badly.”