The enigmatic publication of Mar Flores with pullita for Terelu Campos before her interview in ‘De Viernes’

Three days since the pregnancy was announced Alejandra Rubio and Grandma Campos has already signed a huge check for 85,000 euros to sit on a television set and talk about it. A decision applauded by many and criticized by others, for example, by Mar Flores. The model, and also the grandmother of the child who will be born next December, has shared her opinion about the crack of her mother-in-law with her closest circle and does not seem too happy: “Everyone is too old to do what they want.”

This is how Leticia Requejo explained it in TardeAR when Mar Flores herself has uploaded a ‘story’ on social networks: “FRIDAY EXPERIENCES”, he wrote alongside the photograph of a helicopter in the city of Porto. An enigmatic message that has been interpreted in different ways: “Mar Flores will be attentive to the program to see what Terelu says”, “Mar Flores is fueling the controversy”, “Mar Flores goes through everything and continues with her life and her plans” …

The closest environment of the ex of Carlo Costanzia and Alessandro Lequio assures that she is not too happy with the news of the upcoming paternity of her son nor with the in-laws that she has shouldered: “Let’s not put the two mothers in the same bag because Mar has still never made her son’s stories profitable. Nor is she going to do so”, they state bluntly. And they also deny that he is negotiating to grant an interview: they have made the proposal, but the answer has been “No.” “She will never sit on a set to talk about the paternity of her son because it is not her responsibility”, they add. Another little dig at Terelu, who only three months ago assured that he would never talk about her daughter’s private life. She has now changed her mind and is within her rights. I hope Mar does too and we will see them together very soon.