Everyone knows facets of Rafa Nadal's life. Spanish has been one of the most relevant characters in Spanish sport for a decade and a half. But one of those who knows him more closely, having followed him through the Grand Slam and Davis Cup tournaments for years, is Ángel García Muñiz, journalist who published one of the biographies on the Spanish tennis player

García Muñiz went through the microphones of the La Noche de Arjona program of the COPE Network (he works in the sports newsroom). In it, the journalist reviewed the trajectory of the Balearic Islands, which from a young age began to surprise the world of tennis. “At 14 he wins a Wimbledon champion, at 15 his first ATP game and at 16 he wins Albert Costa, Roland Garros champion”, Garcia said. Despite the fact that a few days ago Nadal said he was a bit bad playing soccer right now, the journalist revealed that “He had to decide between tennis and soccer. “ One of his uncles, Miguel Ángel Nadal, was a highly successful professional footballer, spending his career at Mallorca and Barça.

Precisely another of his uncles, Toni, is the biggest culprit for Rafa being the way he is. “Toni is the one who has furnished the most privileged head of sport”, sentenced his biographer. “One day Rafa played a game with a broken racket because he learned not to complain about anything. Toni made him collect all the balls. If he left the bottle of water, he would not buy another so that he would not forget it, “says García, to show the harshness with which Nadal's uncle has been used.

On the withdrawal of the Balearic, his biographer predicts that it will not take too long to arrive. “The end is near. 2, 3 or 4 years. I don't think it will be much more”, García Muñiz said. Among many unknown details, the journalist recounted Nadal's fear of the dark, or his lack of love for ham or cheese.

Actually, Rafa is preparing the return of the competition, in which he will not go to the United States to play the US Open and right now he is focusing especially on clay and Roland Garros, his fetish tournament.


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