Next Wednesday, the Spanish National Team debuts at the Qatar World Cup against Costa Rica in the first day of group E. The game will be played at five in the afternoon, peninsular time. The king Philip VI will be at the Al Thumama stadium in Doha to cheer on the players representing our country, although he will not be accompanied by the reina Joysupposedly, disagree with the terrible conditions labor, the laws of that country against the rights of women, homosexuals, practitioners of non-Muslim beliefs and in general due to the lack of social and civil liberties.

The criticisms against the choice of that country for the World Cup are constant and come from everywhere. It is continually remembered that when the sports facilities were built for this competition, 6,500 workers died, poorly paid and doing their jobs in subhuman conditions, very similar to slavery.

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But who was very interested in attending was Juan Carlos I, who resides in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates, a neighboring country to Qatar. The former head of state wanted to be in Doha to cheer on La Roja but, according to how many people close to the emeritus, his son has asked him not to go to the game, because he did not consider his public presence where there are Spanish fans appropriate. The King of Spain does not want a photo with his father.

It should be noted that at this time Juan Carlos I is questioned in a London court, where it is judged whether or not he has immunity or if he can be tried, allegedly, for harassing Corinna Larsen.

At the same time, the successive chapters that are being broadcast in the podcast of the former lover of Juan Carlos de Borbón reveal, supposedly, an unexemplary behavior of Don Juan Carlos.

In any case, the king’s recommendation to his father not to go to the opening match has upset the former monarch. And we cannot rule out that he ends up appearing in the stadium. There is an obvious intention to make the former king invisible (or less visible), at least until he finishes his battle against the woman for whom he was about to leave the throne, his wife Doña Sofía and his country .

In the Juanjo Franco’s wedding with Khali El Assir in Abu DhabiTwo weeks ago, King Juan Carlos was one of the guests at the religious ceremony, although he did not attend the wedding party afterwards. Informalia You have been able to learn that the bride and groom’s family demanded that the 100 guests leave their mobile phones. They were picked up by security personnel, who picked them up before mass, and returned them afterwards. The reason was to prevent an image of the emeritus with the Franco family. Juan Carlos I is a close friend of Francis Franco, father of the groom Nor was it convenient for photos of the Emeritus to be seen with important Spanish guests. An absolute shield to avoid bothering Zarzuela.