The twenty-sixth LaLiga SmartBank day had eleven protagonists that we detail below. Salva Sevilla (Mallorca) and Luis Muñoz (Málaga) stood out with two goals. Gumbau (Girona) distributed two assists and Barreiro (Lugo) saved a point. Purely scoring defense: Babin (Sporting), Javi Hernández (Leganés), Bernardo (Girona) and Diéguez (Fuenlabrada) scored.


Mariño (Sporting)

That Mariño is in a great moment of form is not a secret for anyone. In sight it is, with each of his last performances. The Galician goalkeeper, who repeats for the second week in a row in the eleven of the day, has been four consecutive weeks without conceding a goal, thanks to games like the one he scored against Albacete: there were four saves, two of them especially notable to Zozulia and Ortuño.


Babin (Sporting)

To Caesar what is Caesar's. If Sporting have not conceded in the last four games it is also thanks to Babin. The French central defender was splendid against Albacete and rounded off his match by scoring the only goal of the match. Spectacular shot with the head, in an action in which he entered with everything after the launch of a free kick.

Javi Hernández (Leganés)

Javi Hernández feels important in Leganés, where each game that passes leaves signs of the enormous future that he treasures. Against Tenerife, in addition to being impeccable in defense, he appeared in the rival area to score the only goal of the match in a corner: Rubén Pardo's center, he overtook Moore, who stumbled, and with his left leg beat Dani Hernández .

Bernardo (Girona)

Girona continues with its sights set on the playoff, thanks to its important 2-1 victory against Castellón. Bernardo was one of the architects of this triumph, scoring with a powerful header, the goal that put the momentary 1-0. The Colombian gave so much force to the auction that it was impossible for Whalley. He already has two goals so far this season.

Diéguez (Fuenlabrada)

Difficult ballot the one that Diéguez had against an Oviedo that played in numerical superiority for almost 40 minutes due to the expulsion of Pathe Ciss. Despite this, he was sensational in defense and attack. Behind, he saved a ball that was loose after a stop by Belman; in attack, he scored the goal that put the momentary 1-1, with a snip. It takes two goals.


Sielva (Ponferradina)

It is no longer a coincidence that Sielva sees the door, because she is beginning to do so assiduously. The current top scorer for Ponferradina scored the only goal for his team with a great header from Pablo Valcarce. The one from Olot turned his head to place it and although Lizoain got to touch, he could not avoid the goal. Ponferradina continues to stalk the playoff.

Save Seville (Mallorca)

The quality that Salva Sevilla treasures at 36 years old (in March he will be 37) is far from normal. The midfielder saw the door again, this time against Almería, with a real goal. Theft of Baba in the opposite field, pass to the front of Abdón Prats that Antonio Sánchez lets pass under his legs, the ball reaches Salva Sevilla, who after entering the area leaves the two centrals seated with a cut and bat to Makaridze.

Luis Muñoz (Malaga)

Málaga won again at La Rosaleda in the League, thus breaking a four-month drought without achieving victory in their fiefdom. A game in which Luis Muñoz was very active in the attack and in which he saw the door for the second time this season. The captain finished off a cross from the right by Ismael Casas, with a great volley that entered Luca Zidane's right squad.

Gumbau (Girona)

Gumbau gave an assists clinic against Castellón. The midfielder left a recital of good passes and was crowned with the two goals of his team. In the first, he served a ball to Bernardo from the corner, so that he made it 1-0. In the second he dressed as Messi, with a choppy pass to the area that Bárcenas transformed in the momentary 2-0.


From Tomás (Espanyol)

De Tomás scored again to give his team the victory with the only goal of the game, in the derby against Sabadell. His goal came with the head, in a corner thrown by Embarba and in which he found no opposition. Maximum effectiveness, since it was his only occasion during the match. Despite this, he was very participatory, appearing all over the field.

Barreiro (Lugo)

Manu Barreiro is gold. The Lugo striker scored against Logroñés the goal that put the final 1-1 and that serves the Galicians to breathe out of relegation. In his goal he demonstrated his quality, by lowering a divided ball with his head inside the area, accommodating the ball to his right leg and hitting Roberto Santamaría with a strong shot.