Almost a month after the death of Fernando Fernandez Tapias, his widow and his children can now access his last wishes. After the statement issued by the businessman’s older children and the mass celebrated last Monday, November 13, Nuria Gonzalez This Sunday he received a visit from his lawyers at his home.

It must be remembered that the businessman’s eldest children sued their father in 2020 to legally incapacitate him. Regarding this decision, they explained through said statement that they did not do it out of economic interest and, in addition, they regretted that they had been prevented from accessing their home since 2019. Fernando, Borja e Íñigo They are the result of the first marriage of the former vice president of Real Madrid with Chiqui Riva de Lunawhile Juan Carlos y Sandra They were born from his second marriage with Juana García-Courel. The five children remain united after the death of their father and they signed the statement jointly, also supporting Juan Carlos in the business functions that his father granted him before he became partially incapacitated.

After that court case, Nuria González was responsible for health issues, and Florentino Perez, in commercial and corporate matters. Thus, the two were appointed guardians, although the president of Real Madrid resigned and another person trusted by Tapias was appointed. With Nuria, Fernando had Ivan y Almawho is still a minor.

The opening of the will

Regarding the opening of the will, Marisa Martín Blázquez announced this Monday on Telecinco: “Today is the day on which the will would be opened. The eldest children would have requested a certificate of last wills“.

In this sense, he explained that the businessman only left them the minimum that corresponds to them by law: “It seems that Fernández Tapias I would have it well tied for the well-being of the minor children and I would have it well tied for Nuria to whom I would leave the largest proportion of the widow’s pension.. To the elders I would strictly leave the legitimate“, he assured. The journalist clarified: “The improvement goes to the children of his second marriage [Juan Carlos y Sandra] and the little ones with Nuria, and the freely available third seems to go to the widow.”

Regarding the certificate of last wills requested by the children, Pepe del Real explained: “This certificate has been requested which will indicate where the last will was made and Depending on the notary’s response, the will will reach the heirs this week.“. In this sense, Antonio Rossi has also pointed out: “The heirs request it, but they do not have to see anyone and from there, they can challenge.”