The economic record that Morata will achieve with his signing for Juventus

The Spanish striker Alvaro Morata passed the relevant medical examination prior to joining the Juventus of Turin loaned by him Atlético de Madrid
. If we discount his short passage through the Getafe, the Spanish player has only worn four shirts in the professional field in his history as a player, those of the Atlético, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Juventus.

However, he has managed to break a record. Or rather it will. He will do so next season if the Italian team executes the purchase clause that has been included in his assignment. Right now, the operation has been closed with 13 million euros for the loan and next summer (or the next because it is a two-year loan), the 'Vecchia Signora’Should pay another amount to complete the 55 million euros that it cost to the Athletic.

Right now, the Madrilenian has generated no less than 193 million euros with the loan signed by Juventus. But is that if the Italian team executed the purchase option, the rojiblanco youth squad would have generated around 235 million euros, which will make him the footballer in the history of this sport to have moved more money through transfers .

Namely, the 20 million Real Madrid to Juventus, the 30 from Juventus to Real Madrid, the 66 from Chelsea Atlético and the almost 55 that would occur in this signing by Juventus.

With those amounts, Morata would be behind only Neymar, which at the moment is the one that has moved the most money between transfers. The Brazilian cost the Catalans 54 million according to Sandro Rosell, but it could well be double although it has not transpired. He PSG paid 222 million for him. In total 276 million nothing more and nothing less

Romelo Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo they would be third and fourth, respectively. The Belgian gradually exceeds 200 million after his departure to Chelsea by 15, then at Everton by 35 and shortly after to United for almost 85 and 65 to Inter de Milan. The Portuguese, on the other hand, as he has already commented, has moved more than 230 thanks to Manchester, to Madrid Yet the Juve.

The fifth would be Antoine Griezmann. The Frenchman has moved almost 190 thanks to the 54 paid by the Atlético de Madrid to Real
Society in 2014, and the 120 paid by the Barcelona. Kylian Mbappé appears in sixth place thanks to the 180 million it cost to the PSG coming from Monaco. Behind the Gaul, Angel Di Marí
to, with almost 180 million after passing through Rosario Central, Benfica, Real Madrid, Manchester United and PSG.