Derby County coach Wayne Rooney confirmed that he will continue to lead the team despite the economic situation that he is going through and that has made him enter bankruptcy. The 'Rams' have been sanctioned with twelve points in the Championship (English Second Division) and have placed bottom of the table with -2 points.

“I am going to fight for the club. I am not going to leave them in the lurch. They need people to help them,” Rooney said Thursday, who, however, pointed out that, had he known about the club's financial difficulties, it is not clear to him that he would have taken the position.

In addition, Rooney said he learned about the bankruptcy on television and that the owner, Mel Morris, has not spoken to him since Aug. 9. “Not a call or a message. Mel does not have to apologize, but for me, as a coach, that the players and the people of the club ask me and not be able to answer them, it hurts. There is a way of facing things, which is to be honest and open. It hasn't been like that and I'm disappointed, “added Rooney.

“But I am committed to this club. I grew up in an underprivileged neighborhood in Liverpool and I know how hard life can be. I worry about the players and the people at the club. What kind of people would I be if now I take a hold and leave? If I go on vacation or something? “