Atlético is in a good sporting mess … and financially. If it doesn’t happen tonight, the hit will be important, because the Champions League distributes a lot of euros and the club needs them. The entity would lose money directly and indirectly, as it would also be affected in the future, and a hit of about 18 million euros is estimated.

Porto Shield / Flag

On the one hand, the Champions distributes prizes for the results. On the other, there are the market pool, the ranking of the future and even the sponsors, although that is difficult to quantify. To get started, on the grass of Do Dragao there will be 2.8 million for the winner, 0.93 if they tie. After, whoever goes to the second round will get another 9.6 million. And in addition, the classified team has the option to advance to quarters (10.6 million), to the semifinals (12.5), to the final (15.5) and even to be champion (another 4.5). The title sounds a long way off, but we are talking about more than 50 million to add.

It has been € 46.66M just for participating

So far, due to the results obtained, Atleti barely took 3.73 million for a win and a draw. The three defeats contribute zero. Before, yes, the club has bagged 46.66 just for participating (15.64 for each of the 32 teams) and for their good previous coefficient (5th in the last 10 years, 31.02 million). But of course, a premature goodbye in Champions would mean losing positions in the ranking and, therefore, in the next courses he would take less money. In 2020, Atleti was 4th; now it is 10th.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Plan B is the Europa League. But the prizes are much lower, in total less than a quarter than in the Champions League. If Atleti wins it (it would join in the sixteenth), the reward is less than 15 million.