Will no longer remember Monchi ni Lopetegui, neither the players of Seville of the crying that they starred last Saturday in the Bernabeu when the referee justly annulled a goal to From Jong. At the break of the meeting, we could see an unusual image, because Monchi He jumped on the grass to talk to the players. The turns of life have made yesterday, in the unfair victory of the Seville in front of I raised, a blatant robbery in the third goal was the protagonist, without crying of sevillism by the way.

It's been three days since the game that played Real Madrid and the Seville in the Bernabeu, but Monchi, Sports director of Seville, does not lower his arms when defending injustices, because during these days he has not stopped shielding himself trying to make others see that he is right. His statements, in which he claimed that if they again annulled another goal of his team, he took the players off the pitch, they have provoked a lot of criticism in the world of football, but a Monchi He doesn't seem to care and continues to make a fool of himself. (Monchi, cool and stingy: “If they cancel the 1-1 retreat to the team from the field”)

“I don't care about anything that is said outside of my environment, and my only environment is Sevilla. I process two religions, the Catholic and the Sevillist,” he said. Sevillism, which has supported him from the beginning, demonstrated yesterday in the Sánchez Pizjuán with songs in favor of the sports director, but what the fans didn't know is the robbery that they were going to do afterwards I raised to be able to move on to the next round of the Copa del Rey.

The set of Lopetegui, who also showed his double face last Saturday in the white fief (The two faces of Lopetegui: his ugly words against Madrid), won by 3-1 and unfairly, because as can be seen in the repeated images, the third Sevilla goal comes after a double offside that never hit. Still, those of Lopetegui and Monchi They have moved on to the next phase, and in the meantime, Madrid are waiting for new declarations, and they are eager to know if they finally take the Seville of the competition of King After starring in tremendous theft.