DOHA (QATAR), 6 Dic. (dpa/EP) –

The disassembly work on Stadium 974 began after Brazil’s victory over South Korea (4-1), the last match to be played at the venue, giving way to green and recreational areas.

The 974 Stadium, built from 974 shipping containers by the Qatari phone code 00974, is one of three tournament venues that will ‘disappear’ after the round of 16.

This morning all the tarps and gratings surrounding the stadium were removed, and numerous workers cleared and worked on the esplanade of the space. This disassembly is done ahead of schedule, as two of the workers claimed it would not start until after the World Cup final.

The stadium required less construction material and could therefore be built quickly and supposedly more cost-effectively. Furthermore, it can be completely disassembled and rebuilt elsewhere.

Last year, six Arab Cup matches were played at the 974 Stadium, and in the World Cup it has been the scene of seven matches. Green and recreational areas will be built next to the port and the beach.