The directive suspects 5,000 signatures of the motion

Up to 5,000 signatures of the 20,687 that were delivered by the Més que Moció platform to overthrow Josep Maria Bartomeu are under suspicion as reported this Sunday by Cope. Members of the Board of Directors would filter that said signatures could be purchased, which could mean their invalidation in the verification process that should begin this week. It should be remembered that, for the vote of no confidence to advance, at least 16,521 signatures of the 20,687 that were submitted must be validated. Then, two thirds of the partners (as long as they vote more than ten percent of the census of the social mass) should give the yes so that Bartomeu falls.

In addition to ensuring that he had no intention of resigning, the president of Barça, Josep Maria Bartomeu, assured this Saturday, in the interview he granted to TV3 before Gamper, that the Board had surprised a lot the number of signatures submitted by the three candidates, Jordi Farré, Víctor Font and Lluís Fernández Alá, and the eight opinion groups.

La Vanguardia collected this Sunday afternoon a few words from Marc Duch, spokesman for the motion, who said that he put “his hand on fire for 16,000 supporters and would put both for 11,000.” The figures that each group has contributed are not known. Víctor Font said in Mundo Deportivo that he had achieved 3,000 and Jordi Farré, 4,000. Seguiment had obtained more than 3,500 but nothing is known, for example, of Lluís Fernández Alá.

During this week the Censorship Vote Table must be constituted, which will be composed of the first two signatories of the motion, among whom is Jordi Farré, legal representative of the vote; two members of the Board of Directors and a President of the Table who will nominate the Catalan Football Federation and will be a member of it.