The break has to serve Atlético, among other things, to recover Marcos Llorente. On the 14th he did not leave with the National Team to recover from a muscle injury – with relapse – that has left him out and will take advantage these two weeks to get ready. This Friday he trained with the group, just like Lemar. It’s one of the fundamental players for Simeone, although the circumstance now arises that, between trials, states of form and versatility, it is not clear what their mission will be.

Photo by Marcos Llorente

Llorente (26 years old) closed last season with 13 goals and 12 assists and formed a bright midfield with Koke and Lemar. Simeone fit in with all three, each one with his role and his virtues, and the Spaniard exploited his as a right inside, launched by Trippier in the band, which on the other hand earned him to win a succulent renovation until 2027. In this campaign, Cholo has been placing it in his position, but also on the right side, position that he likes less and that he has also had to occupy in the National Team, for example in the Eurocup.

The Madrilenian has yet to celebrate a goal in the 886 minutes that he has disputed so far this year. But it is still a prop. However, there are two pieces that can guide your future in the team in the short term: Trippier and De Paul. The British is injured and the Argentine is getting strong in the center of the field and is one of Atlético’s fittest footballers. Out there, and adding that Lemar will also return, the circumstances invite us to think of a Llorente side-lane.

The Trippier-Llorente binomial

Koke is indisputable in the center of the field, the aforementioned Lemar already won the stripes a long time ago and it seems difficult to seat De Paul right now. The unknown, therefore, is how to reintegrate Marcos Llorente into that gear. In the first games of the season he occupied the side while Trippier got ready, but then it was one more resource and even a plan by Cholo during the games: to take the British off the field and put the 14 on the side. Llorente is better with his partner Kieran, but Simeone doesn’t fit so many pieces anymore.

Athletic Shield / Flag

The technician always explains that the needs of the team are in order when he prepares the line-ups. Last year, Llorente shone and surrendered in attack as one of the midfielders with the most dynamite in Europe. “My game has turned upside down. That offensive part that I have been able to take out even I did not know.“, he confessed when he renewed his contract in August. Now, with Griezmann on the squad, there is more gunpowder. The band waits for some games at 14, which has missed the last two calls for Spain. Marcos’ versatility, fixed and necessary, is another point in favor in Simeone’s eyes, so the dilemma will continue when Trippier returns.