“Our fans have insisted on fighting for it to be in our field,” says the president of the modest club from Salamanca.

A Unionist party in Las Pistas, in November 2018.

On Tuesday, shortly after the draw, the Federation announced that the Unionistas – Real Madrid will be played on Wednesday 22 and will be televised on open through Mediaset. However, neither the Salamanca club nor the organ chaired by Luis Rubiales seem to be still clear about the headquarters of the 16th cross of the Copa del Rey.

The president of the Unionists, Miguel Ángel Sandoval, has clarified that the goal of his team is to play in Las Pistas, the usual scenario of his matches in Group II of Second B, with a capacity for 4,000 spectators. “Our fans have insisted on fighting for it to be in our field and we already have bleachers budgets, to reach 10,000 fans, and lighting that have been mounted in similar events,” said the manager.

Las Pistas, a facility located a few meters from El Helmántico (17,000 seats), had also hosted the previous Cup duels against Atlético Baleares (1-0) and Deportivo (1-1, 8-7). Now, according to Sandoval, the Salamanca CF stadium is “the last option” to receive the 13-time European champion.


“We prefer to play in Santiago Bernabéu than in El Helmántico. If it is not possible to play in Las Pistas, we will seek our economic interest,” said Sandoval, who in the previous hours formally received the invitation of Zamora City Council to travel to the neighboring capital .

The mayor of Salamanca, Carlos García Carbayo (PP), intends that the party be held at El Helmántico, owned by Mexican businessman Manuel Lovato. Therefore, a group of members of the Unionists began on Wednesday a fundraiser to cover all the expenses that would be an extra tier.

“We reject the pressures that the club is suffering to play in a stadium other than Las Pistas,” revealed the written statement, where they also stress that they want to put “the social and democratic values ​​of popular football to the lucrative intentions that have little to do with the essence of sport. “

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