No, Sergio Ramos y Pilar Rubio They haven’t broken up. The soccer player and the presenter are still together despite rumors of a crisis, and Rubio’s absence at the Latin Grammy gala, where the athlete posed in the company of his sister Mirian, is justified.

“Pilar Rubio was accredited and confirmed for the Grammy gala,” Pilar Vidal explained this Monday on Antena 3. According to the communicator, it makes no sense to talk about a distance between the two. In fact, the couple’s personal photographer attended the event because “they had agreed to it.” Simply, the presenter “didn’t feel like going to Seville.”

Likewise, it is not ruled out that from the day they confirmed their attendance until the night of the gala, both experienced some friction. “Could there have been some anger? Well, it could be. They neither confirm it nor deny it to me,” said the communicator, who affirms that the one between Rubio and Ramos is “a solid marriage with indestructible pacts.”

During the gala, the Sevilla player did not explain the reason for his wife’s absence. A silence that set off alarm bells on the internet. “How strange that Sergio Ramos didn’t go with Pilar Rubio and went with his sister…”, “Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos aren’t together?” or “I am surprised that Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio have not yet divorced” are some of the comments that were read on social networks. Besides, Socialite He said this weekend that Sergio Ramos He came accompanied by three friends to the party that Alejandro Sanz organized in Seville the days before the gala.

Neither of them has commented on the matter, but on their social networks they behave normally. Last Friday they published family photographs along with a text to congratulate their son Marco. “Our Marquito has turned 8 years old. We are very proud of you. To see you grow, laugh and learn. And that you are always unique, with that tenderness that life gives us. Congratulations, son! “We love you madly!” reads the joint congratulations they published on Instagram.