News on the situation Dani Alves y Joana Sanz after 48 hours ago Ana Rosa’s program reveal exclusively that the model has filed for divorce from the soccer player, who has been in prison since January 20 for allegedly sexually assaulting a young woman in a Barcelona nightclub on December 30.

Apparently, the Canary Islander would have requested a visa to tell him, personally, that their marriage was broken, but the Brazilian, perhaps suspecting the reason for this visit, would have rejected it, for which Joana would have told her husband’s lawyers your intention to divorce.

A thoughtful decision on which the model spoke on Instagram, where she made it clear that she has not spoken to any media and assured that when she has something to communicate, she will do so through her social networks.

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And now it’s been again Leticia Requejoreporter of Ana Rosa’s programwho has told exclusively that after finding out that his wife wanted a divorce, Dani Alves called her by phone from prison.

The phone call to avoid goodbye

A conversation that lasted very little and in which the footballer, who knows that Joana’s intention is to divorce, would have confessed that he does not want to lose her and would have told her that he loves her very much. “It’s a ‘please don’t leave me alone right now’ call,” the collaborator pointed out.

Joana’s reaction has been to tell him that at this moment she is aware of her immediate present and that she wants to have a conversation so that she can give him the necessary explanations. A meeting that, apparently, will not take place in prison until tomorrow, when the Brazilian is released from prison (if he obtains provisional release until the trial is held).

The fact that Dani and Joana see each other does not mean that the model has taken a step back, since according to Leticia, she remains firm in her decision to divorce. However, the Canary Islander is not going to speak out to confirm or deny the news, because her lawyers have recommended that she remain silent, since her statements do not favor her or Dani, in a situation as delicate as the one that is happening right now.