The new legal team that is already working to obtain the parole of Dani Alves He meticulously studies all the evidence in the case. Christopher Martellthe lawyer who also defended Messi and Pujol Ferrusola, draws up a strategy based on a contradiction from the alleged victim, who He assured in the hospital that the soccer player had kissed her, but he rectified it in court.

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This is the most aggressive line of defense and for which, for the moment, the Alves team opts. Look for contradictions in the statements of the alleged victim and the multiple witnesses and also look for the slightest gap that the investigators may have left in the report. Exists another, more conservative line of defensewhich would go through acknowledging the crime, financially compensating the victim (even if she refused, the act would be understood as an intention to repair the damage on the part of Alves) and publicly asking for forgiveness, which would reduce his sentence in half, from three to six years (he now faces between six and twelve years).

As we said, Alves’ defense does not contemplate this second line but the first and most aggressive one, although the compendium of evidence presented leaves the footballer in a very delicate position. These are the statements of the girl and her witnesses, much more coherent and solid than the three different ones that the Brazilian has given; the video from the nightclub’s security camera, which records the 15 minutes they were together in the bathroom; and the DNA tests that the Mossos have taken in the bathroom and the body of the alleged victim, both fingerprints and the accused’s semen.

Alves remains an inmate at the Brians 2 prison in Barcelona, ​​a facility to which he was transferred three days after his admission to Brians 1 and where he shares days with 80 other prisoners. His defense will request probation offering the withdrawal of passport, telematic bracelet and a considerable amount of money as bail.