The dealings of Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego in the next tribute to their mother

Next Tuesday, June 18, Maria Teresa Campos He would have been 83 years old. It will be her first anniversary without the exceptional presenter and her daughters wanted to pay her a special tribute at the Santa María de Caná Parish, in Pozuelo de Alarcón, where they will gather friends and family of the one who she was queen of the mornings. Of course, they will do it a day before, on Monday, and the reason is none other than the contract they have signed with a well-known magazine to put the event on its cover of the week.

According to Esdiario, Have him y Carmen Borrego They have changed the date of the tribute to adapt to the times of the magazines, which close their covers on Monday night to be able to arrive at the newsstand on Wednesdays. “Contractual and non-sentimental reasons”, they assure. Of course, they will wear mourning as a montera: “A very Unamunian performance,” they criticize.

Business aside, Borrego announced that the date would not be easy for them. It will be María Teresa Campos’ first birthday since she died on September 5. The sisters are still digesting the loss of the matriarch, who lived the last few years immersed in the disease of forgetfulness, one of her cruelest. Carmen, in fact, shared her grief with all the viewers of Survivors: “Now is when I realize I’m never going to see her again.”, he said from Honduras. Telecinco took the opportunity to recover Terelu and organize a tear-jerking live connection: “Mom is protecting you.”

They have not been easy months for the sisters. The death of their mother was a hard blow for them but it has not been the only thing that has made their existence bitter in recent months: Terelu has been admitted to the hospital for pneumonia and Carmen has broken off her relationship with her son, José María Almoguera. that put her at the feet of the horses exclusively while she was in Honduras.