The follies are about to end, because this Thursday, June 9, it was announced that Sebastián ‘El Loco’ Abreu's career will come to an end this Friday, when the historic Uruguayan striker played his last game for Club Sud América against Liverpool in his country's league, to hang the boots after 26 years of career and 30 clubs, including Santa Tecla de El Salvador, with which he left an indelible mark, by lifting a title as a player and coach.

Abreu will retire at 44 years of age, after setting a Guinness Record as the footballer with the most teams in his career, after playing in Uruguay, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Israel, Brazil, Greece, Ecuador, Chile and El Salvador, where he made history by cbecome a champion as a player and coach of the tecleño box.

The South American attacker expanded his record when he went through Salvadoran football, where he added a couple of titles as a player and where he also had his first adventure as a coach, as he led the Santa Tecla team to the title of the El Salvador Cup in 2019, after beating Audaz in the grand final.

Sebastián Abreu became a player for Santa Tecla in 2016, after passing through the Sol de América of Paraguay and che conquered the Salvadoran league in just his first season, in which he scored 13 touchdowns in 21 games and raised the title of Cusco football, after beating the Alianza team in the grand final.

After the title, Abreu left for Brazilian soccer, but it didn't take him long to return to even have his first experience as a coach and make history by being champion in El Salvador as a player and directing his teammates.

El Loco Abreu during the title achieved with Santa Tecla

The end of a historic career

After a quarter of a century as a professional, Sebastián ‘El Loco’ Abreu will hang up his boots in his country and put an end to a historic career, in which he passed through great clubs and in which He scored 26 international goals for the Uruguayan team, with which he made one of the most remembered penalties in the history of the World Cup, by stinging his shot in the quarter-final series against Ghana, in South Africa 2010.