The DANA that stalks Antonio David Flores: “Marta Riesco is going to burst like never before”

A storm is coming in Malaga and not only because of the thunder and rain that the different DANAs are leaving us throughout the peninsula. This one has its own name. Martha I canand he is going to unleash all his fury on Antonio David Floreswhom she defined as “the love of my life” until April 20: “I want to inform everyone that my relationship with Antonio David Flores has ended tonight.”

The former reporter of Ana Rosa Quintana has been leaving clues in recent days on social networks, such as sharing his latest reading, Zero love: how to survive psychopathic love, a hint to the former civil guard. In addition, Marta has insinuated that Antonio David wants to get back with her: “I wish the people who are saying that there is no return publicly, would really stop trying to get back with you when you are rebuilding your life and when you are trying to fix the tsunami that has created in you and in your surroundings”.

Now the paparazzo Diego Arrabal confirms that there will be a ruckus soon: “This is nothing for what is going to happen. When Marta sees and comes face to face with reality… And Antonio David Flores also knows it, things are going to happen. When Marta sees it It’s going to explode like never before. You’ll see. If that’s the case with nothing that’s happened, when she sees it there it’s going to be a runaway horse and it’s going to go into a loop. I see her with very bad milk. Marta, knowing everything you know and playing this… This is unforgivable”.

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And he added: “Soon we will see it multiplied by 1000. I am not saying to defend Antonio David, this is being a very bad person. The people who are close to Marta now are not doing her any good. This is not nothing for what comes now”.